Tennessee Hunts and Deer Leases

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Affordable, Environmentally Friendly Lodge

This 1,000 acre Ranch is perfect for hunting deer, turkey, pheasants and quail. There are more than a dozen tree stands, six shooting houses and numerous man made trails in the woods. This property is environmentally friendly and uses renewable resources when possible.Individual bedrooms have oil-based electric heaters for your comfort and recycling is a must. Turkey hunts are offered...

  • Game: Whitetail Deer, Turkey, Quail
  • Type: Day, Weekend
  • Price: 300-900
  • Zip: 38464

Turkey and Deer Hunting + Exceptional Hospitality

This quaint lodge is located on a bluff overlooking the scenic Yellow Creek on 525 acres of private land. The lodge has four bedrooms and two and a half baths and will accommodate up to six people. There is an optional outpost cabin nearby on a smaller creek if you want a more rustic stay. There is private access to...

  • Game: Whitetail Deer, Turkey
  • Type: Day, Weekend
  • Price: 795-1695
  • Zip: 37211

Large Variety of Exotics to Hunt

Located in the beautiful scenic foothills of the Cumberland Mountains, this location offers the finest wild boar and exotic hunting experience. The lodge boasts modern amenities in a rustic setting. They specialize in providing the best Russian boar and Razorback wild boar hunting in the nation. Also, they have one of the largest populations of exotic game anywhere - red...

  • Game: Elk, Turkey, Hog, Exotics
  • Type: Weekend, Seasonal
  • Price: 725-1950
  • Zip: 38574