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11 Best Cheap Hunting Cabin Ideas

May 7, 2020 Land For Sale

11 Best Cheap Hunting Cabin Ideas

Setting up somewhere to sleep on your hunting property doesn't have to break the bank.  For a night or two, anything that can protect from the environment and cold of hunting season will suffice as a hunting cabin.  To save cost on any idea, there are ways to set up an outdoor gravity shower and wash hands or dishes without running water. Bring a gas stove to cook over and build a fire for warmth. And you're hunting, so disconnect from the world and don't worry about electricity. Here are 25 inexpensive ideas to get the shelter you need as a hunting cabin.


  1. Shipping Container


Shipping containers are frequently getting converted into homes these days.  They are tough and a great way to instantly drop shelter on your property.  You can then fix up the inside as nice as you’d like to get it ready to sleep in. 


  1. Old Camper


Have you ever scrolled across an old beat-up camper on craigslist or Facebook marketplace that you would be afraid to tow across the country? Something like this makes a perfect hunting cabin.  Carefully tow it to your property, set it on blocks, and forget about it. You'll likely have water and cooking resources built-in, and all you need to add is a generator and propane.


  1. Pre-built Shed


You'll often find them in the Home Depot parking lot, but little sheds built for tool storage in your yard can make a great small cabin.  Some of them are even two stories tall, so you won't feel like you're sleeping in a box.


  1. Truck cap


Turn your truck into your hunting cabin.  A truck cap over the bed can provide the perfect roof to throw a cot in for the weekend.


  1. Pole Barn


You may already have this as a shelter for your tractor and equipment.  Why not use a corner of it to shelter yourself? Add walls and any other amenities you would like.


  1. Yurt


It's a fancy, round tent.  They were popular in ancient nomadic times, so if they lived in them every day, they would have to make a great hunting camp.  Being more stringent than a tent, this is something you could leave up and forget about it besides maintaining the covering.


  1. Pre-built cabin


Some companies build and deliver premade log and home-style cabins.  Keep it small and basic, and the price won't be something that will break the bank.


  1. Small Cabin


A repeat of #7, but it doesn't need to be pre-built.  Have a fun weekend project or hire someone.  Something less than 1000 square feet with no running water or electricity will stay affordable.


  1. Tent


There is always the ability to go back to the basics a few weekends of the year. Buy a tent from Walmart and spend your weekend with nature. A basic tent will keep you dry and warm.  If the weather is too bad for a tent, you probably shouldn’t be climbing a tree either.  


  1. Pop up Camper


These won't last as long as finding an actual old camper, but they are usually way cheaper. They have common amenities like a sink and an AC  with sturdier walls than a full-size camper.  Plus, you can tow it easier and sneak it into small areas on the hunting property.


  1. Covered Trailer


Like you would convert a shed or a shipping container, an old enclosed trailer that was used as a car, toy, or yard equipment hauler could be made into a sick, cheap cabin for the woods.  And it's mobile if you move lease to lease.