Tallahatchie Hunts Outfitters


Swan Lake Rd, Glendora, MS Tallahatchie, Mississippi

About Us

Tallahatchie Hunts Outfitter offers guided duck and deer hunting on private lands in Tallahatchie County Mississippi. There are several public and private game preserves that serve as resting areas that help us maintain large populations of waterfowl throughout the winter months. You’ll be hunting 8000 acres of prime, privately owned, farmland located in the heart of the Mississippi Flyway. You’ll be hunting right in the middle of the North American “super-highway” for ducks and geese during their yearly fall migration. During hunting season, approximately 4000 acres are flooded by the backwaters of the Tallahatchie river, creating one the premier resting and feeding spots for the thousands of ducks and geese passing overhead daily. If you’re a deer hunter looking for big buck hunting action, don’t be fooled by Tallahatchie Hunts Outfitter passion for duck hunting. Tallahatchie Hunts Outfitter take great pride in the quality of deer herd, and have some of the best deer hunting opportunities that Mississippi has to offer.