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Hunting Locator currently offers a free membership at sign-up with the option to upgrade to “Premium-Member" status when ready to start contacting lease owners As of October 2, 2012, we offer two levels of "Premium-Member" subscriptions. Presently we offer 1 or 12 month subscriptions to the website. For more information regarding our memberships please contact [email protected].

WHO OPERATES THIS SITE?   Hunting Locator LLC does.

HUNTINGLOCATOR.COM ("HuntingLocator") is one of the names under which Hunting Locator LLC does business.  As reflected by the name, we are a Florida-based limited liability company ("LLC").  In the absence of special circumstances, Florida and many other states generally do not allow someone who is suing an LLC to reach through the LLC to individually sue any of its members, managers, or employees, nor to try to recover assets other than those of the LLC itself.  In the unlikely event that you or someone on your behalf does sue or initiate any other legal action against us, you will name only us as parties.  You will not name any member, manager, employee, agent, or independent contractor of ours as a party to the suit and will not seek to recover other than out of any assets belonging to us as the limited liability company operating this website.


Please email [email protected].
You will let us know within 30 (thirty) days of viewing it if you come across material on this site that you believe to be inaccurate, misleading, or otherwise improper, also providing a copy of the material.



This applies to information collected through the website, not that you send through other means.  (a) Basic Policy - We generally attempt to collect the minimum amount of information necessary to confirm your identity and to provide services and products through the site, connect those offering and wanting to use lease properties, and verify compliance with our conditions and other policies.  We will not intentionally sell, rent, or otherwise disclose your personal or financial information to anyone not affiliated with us without your approval.   If we suspect you are engaging in improper activity in relation to the site, we may collect detailed information about you as part of investigation the matter.  For example, we may seek to identify your true name, location, IP addresses used, hosting service through which you have internet access, internet and email service providers, and all uses you make of the site.

(b) You Decide What to Share - You must decide the appropriate balance for you between the fact that the more information you provide us, the more we may be able to personalize services and products to your interests, versus the fact that the more information that is disclosed, the less privacy you will have and the higher the chances that some third-party will gain access to it without your permission.  Some promotions may require you to provide particular information, but for things such as newsletters and automated notifications, we will attempt not to send these to you unless you have specifically indicated you want them.  It is possible that we occasionally may make a mistake in that regard, such that you would need to notify us of it and then we would remove you from the list as promptly as is feasible.

(c) Information Collected - We may collect your name, address, phone number, and other standard contact information.  We also may collect financial information.  For example, if you join our website and place an order, you may be asked to complete an order form and for information necessary to process payments.  While financial and personal information generally is collected by outright asking you for it, some information we may collect without a direct request.  For example, we may collect your IP address as part of analyzing website usage and traffic patterns.  We may attempt a WHOIS lookup or reverse IP identification if in our judgment you appear to be attempting to misuse the website.  We may store information about you and use it to offer you additional products or services, or for purposes such as responding to orders and comments.  We also may store information such as credit card numbers, expiration dates, billing addresses, etc., such as when you have agreed to automatic renewals of memberships.

(d) Questions or Comments - If you want to contact us specifically about our privacy policies, you will do so by contacting our law firm identified in paragraph (3) above.

(e) Use by Minors - As noted earlier, we limit use of the free portions of this website to those at least 13 (thirteen) years old and portions requiring payments to those at least 18 (eighteen) years of age.  You agree not to let children under your care use this site except in compliance with these age restrictions and the overall conditions.  You also agree to ensure that they use caution in not using or misusing this site to provide information to others who may use it for improper purposes.  Users who are under 18 (eighteen) are not to provide us with any personally identifying information.   (Also see paragraph 16 above about allowing others to use your account.)

(f) Links - By way of links, advertisements, or other connections, you may be transferred from our site to those of other people and organizations.  Those sites also may collect information from you, possibly without you knowing it.  You should consult the privacy policies of each of those websites regarding your interactions with them as they may be different from ours and we make no representations or warranties as to what information they may collect or what they may do with it.

(g) Cookies - At some point we may place cookies on your computer, such as to prevent you from having to re-login each time you access our website.  Most internet browsers allow you to specify that you wish to block cookies either at all times or on a case-by-case basis.  If you do not activate such blocking options on your computer, you agree to accept our cookies.  If you access another website, such as by a link on ours, they may have different policies regarding cookies.  Cookies generally do not read unrelated data on your computer, but if we use them, they may store personalization information and help our system remember things such as which pages on our website you already viewed and how often.  Other technologies allowing counting of the total number of people that have viewed a particular page and we may include graphics in things such as e-mailed newsletters that allow us to confirm whether or not they have been viewed.  We also may use cookies and other technologies to assist us in processing and tracking purchases you make through the website.

(h) Computer Information - Our website may automatically determine your system, such as browser, operating system, and screen resolution, and your IP address, as part of maximizing your experience in using our website.

(i) Other Uses/Collections - While we have attempted to be comprehensive in setting out the types of information we collect and how we may use it, there may be others that are or become standard to operators of commercial websites or particular software that also apply.  Additionally, because the website may be supported in part by advertising revenue, we may provide general information to potential advertisers about the number of uses we have and generally where they are located.  We will not provide your individual name or home address as the part of any such disclosure.  Finally, we may disclose information collected about you in response to what appears to be a legitimate request from law enforcement or under court order.

(j) Removal – To have information collected about you deleted from our systems (to the extent possible to do so and still provide you the products and services you want), please use our e-mail form to make your request.

(k) Off-Site Storage - We may use off-site storage services and other contractors for web hosting and development services, backup, and order/payment processing.  We may have to disclose information to such parties and/or have it stored on their systems as part of operating this website.  We will exercise some care in selecting these services and contractors, but cannot promise that they always will be perfect in protecting your personal information.  If for some reason they do disclose something that they should not have, you agree that any claim you make will be against them directly and you only would hold us liable if it was extremely clear that we should have known better than to use the service/contractor in the first place.  In spite of efforts at security, it may be a hacker or other criminal will be able to get into our system or those of someone else who maintains data for us.  You agree not to hold us responsible for criminal conduct committed by third parties.