Upland Game Birds


According to The Cornell Lab “They live in agricultural fields, grasslands, open pine or pine-hardwood forests, and grass-brush rangelands as far north as Massachusetts and southern Ontario, and as far west as southeastern Wyoming and eastern New Mexico.” As hunters know, they are some of the best and most difficult wing-shooting there is. Here is where a well-trained upland game dog can be an amazing thing for a hunter.   

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Dove hunting is one of the most memorable hunting experiences in the US.  As one of the first seasons of the year to open up and thanks to the relatively high limits, Dove hunting is an excellent way to get ready for the rest of your hunting season.  Also thanks to the generally low pressure, high action, and mild climates, its a great introduction into hunting for our youth.  Amazing dove hunting can be found across most of the US but for those who want the best, trips to Mexico or Argentina are in your future.  


When people think about bird hunters walking across a large midwestern field, wearing orange, and waiting for their dog to jump something up, they're usually picturing a pheasant hunt.  Popular for the white meat, beautiful colors, and exciting jump shooting, pheasants are one of the most sought after upland game birds in the US.  While a property with a strong population of wild birds can draw some high dollar hunts, many properties revert to releasing pen raised birds to hunt.  Depending on the location, size, and natural population of your property, this may be an option to bring awesome quail shoots to you.