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Hunt id: 6502-ne-lease-080-whitetail-astu4renewp-brarari3vernio-or1yc-great archery whitetail lease

There are big deer on the property. If you want more than you can grow them, you control the deer size.
This lease has a high deer concentration an and the focused cover to provide an excellent location for an archer. The some of the treestand locations with the most traffic and a great fresh tree rub are pictured but there are others as well. The daily pattern is to feed in the grain field and to move to the long tree row to bed for the day or use the tree row as a route to move to other bedding areas. Either way it is a travel corridor that is the main route for deer daily. A 150 plus was taken on the neighboring property on the fence line just out of the tree row this year. It had used the tree row as a conduit to take the buck from the feed grain field to the property line.

Introduction to location 514 080 acres
Whitetail deer like edges, we all know that. The like the edge of the grain where it meets the tree row, they like the native pasture with it draws and dips for eating and cover. The inside of the mature tree row the ground provides a high volume of under growth. This is a special lease held by the farmer, not to grow corn, but to grow deer. His own 80 acre honey hole.  The grains are irrigated so water is always available. In addition, the neighboring property has a small dam to hold water for his cattle and it never dries up. It would be a backup water supply if the irrigation water were not available and allow them to drink from the pond then return to their daybed area on the lease. Any traffic for this area also uses the tree row as a travel path.
The tree row underbrush provides the “sticks” for digestion that deer require, and they can get them before and after feeding in the grain field without being exposed to hunter eyes. You will be hunting in north eastern nebraska, in knox county.
That is why you will never see a deer’s stomach with only 1 item in it when you clean a deer and are being careful not to open the stomach. If the eat 1 thing only like alfalfa or grain it would ball up in their first stomach and block the entrance to the second stomach. It would pack and tightly like under a rotary lawn mower. This prevents the digestive bio, stomach juices from getting into the center of the mass and they will die of starvation with the first stomach being completely full. A mixture of foods, forbes, greens, small woody sticks, grain, even corn silk assures that their digestive juices can always travel through the stomach and start the digestive processes required to begin the digestive break down process required.
With that all said think about the “edges” part mentioned above, they have a whole grocery store worth of different foods to keep they body regular and digesting properly. Think about it, have you ever seen a deer standing in green alfalfa or a grain field reaching up and eating the end of an oak tree limb? This one is only a simple county road take you right to the property where you can park a safe distance from the tree row with a quiet walk in from the downwind side. Since we know that wind direction is not always dependable it will allow you to enter the tree row from whatever direction the wind is blowing. Mile from. This area has so much deer traffic because it is so perfect, and it is a major corrido for bucks traveling during the rut that you have never seen before. The open pasture area forces all the area travel routes to feed in and out of the tree row.  Game cameras show the local and the moving bucks since the tree line is so easy to set up trail cams in multiple locations.
Grain field planting rotation is a standard as beans put nitrogen in the soil that corn need to grow well. In addition to corn and beans the farmer also puts wheat in the rotation since it doesn’t require as much nutrients from the soil. He also fertilizes to keep the crop a high yield property.
Leases like this don’t come around very often because once a group gets it and sees its potential, they never let it go.

Gun hunting licenses are available on-line from july 9th to some time is october when they run out for this unit. For archery and muzzleloader, they are available year around. This is currently set up to take 1 buck per year to provide the safety and secure area for the 150 plus bucks to grow larger to make this lease not only have a lot of deer but have a lot of big deer.
Archery and muzzleloader licenses are available as a state wide license only and at the standard $220 price. Gun licenses are by hunting unit only unless you select the state wide option but is gun licenses the state wide option is an extra $250 added to the base license amount.

Hunting season information
The property is completely fences and signs posted to protect it from others. It can be hunted the archery season, usually october 15 through december 31. The rifle is the second saturday in november (usually around the 12th of november) and for the next 9 days which is great to have you hunting during the rut. In addition, the 30 days of december the property leased is open for muzzleloader hunting. In nebraska muzzleloader have a minimal set of requirement. You can use scopes and sabots and so on. You will want to see the nebraska hunting regulations to know all of the details. You will be hunting in nebraska popular missouri hunting unit, so you have your license information.

Lease maximum hunters
This lease property has a property maximum hunters’ limitation of 1 hunter. It will be a joy to hunt opening morning or any time related to weather and rut changes. The potential to build and manage big bucks here is fantastic.
We could increase that number but we hunt lightly and provide a low price for the lease so that you can take big whitetail deer not just deer. To do so there are a number of qdm type rules we follow to provide you a more quality successful hunt. We are not worried about you being successful we are well over 90% we are trying to keep the quality of what you take home something that you can brag about when you take your buck home. You will never regret the investment once you set trail cams and hunt it a season. Every year you hunt it you will say if i knew friday what i know now that it is monday, i would have a problem which of those monsters to take.
Lease pricing
The lease price per member is $ 3500 but due to the season we have reduced it down to only $2295 for the 1 member.

Property discription details
The property consists of almost 80 acres of pasture with a long tree and rotating crops. There are some great locations to sit in ambush for traveling bucks rutty or just feeding either in ground blinds or tree stands. In archery the tree stand is much better because big deer will pick up on any mistake you make. The tree row is a huge traveling corridor on the property for deer transition from cover to feed across the property and just plain rut traveling. We call this corridor the interstate and a place to be waiting on opening day. We have seen 180 bucks during the daylight so we know they are there. These bucks are old timers and unless you hunt like an old timer you will just be bucks if you see them slip out on you, quickly and quietly. The next time you will see them it will be in the darkness on your trail cam if you are lucky. This is not a place for a new hunter, he will always tag out but the experienced hunter can take some real bone here if he is sharp and know that these bucks will only tolerate 1 mistake. This is trophy hunting massive whitetails.
So many hunters say on monday, “if i knew friday what i know now on monday i would have filled my tag on saturday morning instead of sunday, ” because of this we are here to help you know friday what you need to know saturday morning. Remember saturday morning you are the only ones on the property, it is your lease. You will want to be able to say what i know from my cameras and pre-scouting quietly and as scentless as possible allowed me to take this 180 and see 3 others that would have easily made the book.
Popular topics to follow
Fence hunting
If you are on an exterior fence line of the lease provide 50 yards from the fence as a buffer and a place to ambush your buck. Many times, these big bucks don’t go down at the shot and most times with an arrow and when the jump a fence they always take a few long strides before they slow to a walk or stop providing a good shot. In addition, if a buck is shot he must be in good enough condition to turn around and run toward the fence and jump it. The law is simple on this, you cannot pursue your wounded deer on private property without permission. Illegal activities can be justification for you to be ejected from the property and their lease cancelled without any refund. 
If you wound a buck and he crosses a fence
Call us and we will contact the correct landowner and he along with us and you will search for your buck. We are as easy as a cell phone call away and live in the area and stay by the leases most of the time during the season. If we are not close we will contact the neighbor and have you meet if at the fence where the deer left the lease, look for blood and hair and track your deer until we get there.
We are specific about this and our neighbors are the same so that it is fair and no one shoots over the fence. In the same token if you see someone shooting over the fence into your lease get as much information and call me, we will get the game warden involved.
We require neighboring property owners to do the same so that they aren’t coming in on your property when you are or are not on your lease. Part of the reason that this property is such a quality deer property is because the whole area is private land. Most of the area landowner us qc to different degrees. It is not uncommon when the pressure is on their property the deer migrate to this area as their safety area. We and you would like to keep it that way for years to come and continue to entice neighboring properties bucks to this area. That is also why the premium area was set up as a 1 hunter lease.

Tree stands & safety
Since the property has had such minimal hunting pressure in the past you won’t find much for tree stands on the property. If you use any there you use them at your own risk and are free to maintain them. If you want to put your own up please maintain them also. We only have 1 tree stand rule. That is if you are in a stand above the ground you must wear a safety harness of some type, we don’t stalk them so it is your lease you must have them with you. We strive for safety and stats show that 50% of tree stand hunters will fall out a of a tree during their hunting career. We have been very safety conscious and never had an accident. We will assist you in selecting a location for your stand/blind to get the best deer traffic. We also must have stands out of the way of any farming operations. Before placing a stand advise us where you plan to put it so that we can confirm it is out of the farming operations, which is required by our lease with the land owner. If put in and not approved and is possibly a farming issue the stand/blind will be re-located. That being said there must be some properties somewhen that has had 100% accidents because we have never had one and work to keep it that way. In addition, be aware to the states blaze orange requirements you will see it in your state regulations along with other regulations for hunting in this great pro-hunting state.
We will show you the best location to access your lease. We will also note your vehicle and license plate so that if someone is there that should not be there we have what we need to work with the game warden to handle any trespasser. We take trespassing seriously, that is one reason our deer quality is so high. We know like anywhere there are road hunter and we are constantly writing down phone numbers to weed them out. Note if you see someone shooting at a deer from the road, get what you can to be able to identify them then we will handle it with the game warden. We seldom have incidents and we put no hunting signs around your property and you are free to add some more if you wish.

Sincere direction
We are sincerely here so that you can have the size and the density of the deer that you manage your lease for. Every deer on your property is yours, if someone from a road shoot a deer on your property he is stealing your deer. We take that very seriously and do everything possible to see that they are punished to the full extent of the law, for you and for us. We want you to raise your deer, hunt your deer and shoot your deer because you earned them and want them for you and your family not a road hunter of trespasser. If you even see something suspicious get a license plate and write it down it is possible you are only seeing part of the crime.
Where you gut your deer on the property is your choice. Coyotes are predictors for larger deer but everything from eagles to racoons will eat a fawn. You are always welcome to shoot coyotes and we recommend that you put the deer guts in a location away from your best hunting areas. The predators have traveling pattern and the more you steer they patterns toward you best deer area the more they will be there year around and they do nothing to improve your deer hunting.
Driving on the property
It is ok to drive on the property established roads. Driving off the roads will be noticed by the deer and their travel patterns may change due to it. Also, in muddy conditions erosion damage can be an issue in this fertile soil. Simply put the less you drive near the cover the less you will disturb deer movement.

Gutting or cleaning your deer away from the tree row cover is the best way to not draw coyotes and bobcats to your area like baiting anything. It is recommended that you do the gutting in an area of the property away from cover to keep the cover and the traffic at a minimum for people and predators and at a maximum for deer.

Atv’s on the property
Atvs are great to get around and haul out deer. They are good for putting in permission required food plots. The down side becomes that deer are not accustom to the noise of an atv and will disappear quickly before you even see them. It is your risk, and your deer, your choice and i caution you about the erosion cause by atv travel. Small bucks will tolerate the traffic for a while, large bucks on the other hand will not tolerate much atv traffic, before leaving the area. The bottom line is this. We want you to be successful in not just taking deer but taking big deer. We recommend that you only use atv or utv for retrieval of deer, emergency use or if they physically can’t walk in to place to hunt. Big deer know an atv is a foreign sound and will stage in heavy cover and not come out until after dark. If you have been shooting deer but not big deer this might explain why. We have big deer but as everyone says they didn’t get big by being stupid.

Deer limit per hunter registered on your lease
At the current pricing structure each person is allow to take 1 deer, a buck or a doe. We have found that the problem with shooting extra does or anything like that we are all trying to grow the bucks as big as possible, that is one of the main benefits of a lease. The down side is as you get bigger deer they are more sensitive about people in their domain during the hunting season and you may just push them into the neighbors awaiting rifle when you were just shooting a doe. Because we strive for building a continued number of quality deer we have taken the 1 buck deer any weapons, and season per person.
Keep in mind in nebraska you can buy an archery license and hunt the big one during archery season and as long as you don’t shoot a buck, you can buy a rifle license and shoot your buck then. If perhaps you did not see the buck you wanted during the gun season then archery season is open again right after the gun season ends. All works as long as you only shoot one deer per person per year. Additional deer buck or doe can be taken but it is $ 750 in advance to do so.
If you would like a son or daughter to shoot your lease buck you can do so but must be with them when they are hunting on the lease. You are responsible to see that they follow all of the rules of this lease. Not following the rules could get you ejected from the property your lease cancelled.
Camping on your lease
There are some options here but there are no building structures to stay in. Self-contained camper and tent lodging is available on most properties.
Additionally, the ohiya casino & resort is only 30 minutes away for additional lodging and gambling.

Whitetail is the other red meat, all natural, and all good eating.

Property Details

Type Annual
Size 80 Acres
Game Whitetail Deer, Predator
Weapon Archery, Rifles, Shotguns, Muzzleloader
Security Yes
Owner Nearby Yes
Location Norfolk, 68756, Nebraska
Nearest Town Neligh
Trophy Yes

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Neligh, 68756 Nebraska County: Norfolk

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