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Hunting Leases Massachusetts

Massachusetts Private Hunting Lands:

Massachusetts is a great place to hunt animals. Wildlife in this state owns and manages over 200,000 acres of land. All WMAs and WCEs in this state are open to hunting, fishing, trapping, and other outdoor recreation activities. Public Hunting Land for Sale in Massachusetts can be hard to find. Hunting rules and regulations of this state are very strict and disobeying them results in the cancellation of the license of hunters. For instance, no person shall possess any alcoholic beverage except under permit, or dump or discard any can, bottle, or rubbish. Also, No person shall remove vegetation, soil, or stones from any WMA except under permit. Moreover, no hunter is allowed to camp on any hunting land until they have written permission from the Director of that particular lease. Additionally, hunters are not allowed to use any weapon other than a shotgun or bow and arrow during the pheasant and quail season on areas stocked with pheasant or quail except for hunting raccoons and opossums between 9 pm and 3 am, or except for the shooting of captured fur-bearing mammals by a licensed trapper. In addition to, people who visit this state for hunting prefer to hunt on hunting leases than on public lands so that the crowd of the public does not disturb them. More information regarding Massachusetts hunting leases is given below:

Hunting Lands for Lease in Massachusetts:

The total area available for hunting in this state is 232,000 acres which include public hunting lands and also hunting leases. This is almost 4.6% of the total area of this state. Hunting leases in Massachusetts provide great facilities for hunters including well-furnished restrooms, toilets, fresh drinking water, security, tuck shops, and campgrounds. Moreover, minimum age for hunting in Massachusetts is 18 and no license is required for the hunters at this age. However, an adult should be watching them continuously while they are hunting animals. There are special areas in hunting leases for the people who are physically disabled so that they can hunt their desired animals easily. Moreover, hunters are allowed to bring their pets on hunting leases in Massachusetts but they must be leashed and recent vaccination slips of pets must be kept with the hunter. Dogs can also be brought on the hunting leases but should not be used for hunting Deer and Elk. However, dogs can be used to find out the wounded deer and elk. Additionally, alcoholic drinks and drugs are prohibited on hunting lands. Also, hunters can camp on hunting leases in Massachusetts but not more than 21 consecutive days. Lastly, every year more than 25,000 hunters visit this state to hunt Big and Small games which help in improving the economic condition of this state and also built an interest in people for hunting animals which is considered to be a great outdoor activity in the United States.