Where to Hunt

Every state offers unique opportunities that make them worth traveling to as a hunter, but if you're interested in something specific, some states are just better.  Check out the best states to hunt in and learn more about the opportunites in your region.

The Best of the Best

What the best state to hunt deer in?


1. Texas

2. Georgia

3. Michigan

4. Pennsylvania

5. Wisconsin


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What the best state to hunt hogs in?


1. Texas

2. Louisiana

3. Florida

4. Georgia

5. California


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What the best state to hunt elk in?


1. Colorado

2. Montana

3. Wyoming

4. Oregon

5. Idaho


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What regions hold your species?


Whitetail Deer

Source: QDMA



The us is home to FIVE species of Turkeys. Take all five to enter the Royal Slam club.

Source: NWTF



One of the most prized big game of North America.  Find out where they live and then go get your permit.


Hogs are spreading rapidly across the US. Some areas may have a higher density but they're starting to pop up all over.