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Texas Hog Hunting

Wild Hog Hunting in Texas

With numbers in the millions across the U.S., wild pigs have reaped havoc across the southern areas. The main area where these hogs can be found is located in Texas. In the 1930's, wild boars were brought to Texas. Hogs are not an indigenous animal in the U.S., there are not any known predators, and they are multiplying at increasing rates across Texas. Wild hogs seem to thrive in any environment, which makes Texas an ideal area. East Texas hog hunting provides piney woods, while southern and western regions provide brush. They are also omnivores, meaning that they will feed on almost anything. Wild hogs are known to destroy farmers fields and will also eat wildlife such as deer fawns and ransack quail nests. In Texas, farmers have been spending millions of dollars while trying to reduce the invasive wild pigs, in order to save their crops. Therefore, in 2011, a new law was advised for Texas hog hunters. The state legislature passed the "pork chopper law" allowing hunters to participate in shooting hogs from a helicopter.

Helicopter Hog Hunting Texas

Today, there are close to 150 companies permitted to legally hunt the invasive feral hogs from helicopters. Helicopter hog hunting Texas from the air, is one of the most useful way to reduce pigs in the big open regions of Texas. A helicopter company that is known in the Texas area is called HeliBacon, based out of south Dallas. The cost of packages start around $3,600, while group corporate packages are around $50,000. This includes airfare, lodging, ammunition, photos, and firearms. While flying through the air to take down a wild boar is definitely exciting, there are still many who enjoy hunting the invasive species on the ground. Wild hog hunting in Texas allows hunters to kill year round with no limits. The hunter can even capture them and take them alive to be slaughtered, processed, and sold to restaurants. In Texas, the goal is to not totally diminish the species, but to gain control of the population. Two to six million are causing havoc in 39 states and half of those populations are in Texas. In suburban and urban parts of Texas, the wild hogs are located in parks, golf courses, and athletic fields. Due to the terrozations that the pigs have created in the vast state, Texas has provided many lodges and hunting outfitters.

Cheap Hog Hunting in Texas

Feral hog hunting Texa outfitters can be seen pretty much all over the large state. The Langley Ranch is located in Centerville Texas and is halfway between Houston and Dallas. The Langley Ranch is a working cattle ranch, and advertises as being one of the best hunting lodges for hogs. The area provides deer, hogs, and waterfowl along with hills, ponds, and creeks. The Langley Ranch might be ideal for the hog hunter, because it is a family oriented ranch. The Ranch specializes in providing a perfect hog hunt for kids and first time hunters. Cheap hog hunting in Texas can be categorized by a day hunt, or by the number of pounds of the pig. At the Langley Ranch, $150.00 per hunter, which includes one hog up to 100 pounds and a full guide service. If your first hog weighs over 100 pounds, it will result in a $1.00 per pound trophy fee for each lb over 100. Another cheap hog hunt option in Texas might be at the Independence Ranch located around the Austin area. At this Ranch, they advertise by the day. Just recently, the Independence Ranch is advertising a 1 day hog hunt for $250.00. Regular prices is $329.00. The day hunt includes game retrieval and help getting to the best spot, or waiting in a honey hole. At the Independence Ranch, you will be hunting all day where you can have full access to the ranch, gun range, and hunting lodge. You can also shoot unlimited hogs and sizes, with a two hunt predators or varmints per day. The Independence Ranch has been doing year round hunting since 2002.