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Virginia Hunting Leases

Hunting Land for Lease in Virginia:

The total area that is open for hunting in Virginia is 2 million acres and the animals that can be hunt in this state are White-tailed deer, Coyote, Lake sturgeon, Woodchuck, Bobcat, Mallard duck, Eastern cottontail rabbit, Red fox, and many other small and large games. Virginia public hunting lands for sale provide great opportunities for hunters to make the best combination through longer multiple species hunts. The hunting experience that hunters get at the hunting lands of Virginia creates a unique awareness that is not the same as single species hunting. In Virginia, the hunts are tailored to the abilities and desires of hunters which are discussed in detail before booking a hunt so as the hunters arrive and leave the hunting land as a satisfied hunter. Moreover, during September all the big game species are available in the hunting lands of Virginia so it is the best time of the year for hunters who visit this state. Another special thing that happens in this state is that all the fall hunts are conducted on horseback which provides an edge to the hunters. Additionally, hunters can carry their entire camp anywhere while hunting and can use that at any time of the day and do not have to return them at the end of the day as far as they are leaving the hunting land.

Timber Company Hunting Leases in Virginia:

There are numerous timber company hunting leases throughout this state. Hunters who want to hunt in these lands can have a prior booking of hunting lease or can have on-site registration depending upon the rules and regulations of the specific hunting lease. Benefits that can be availed by most of the hunting leases in Virginia include luxurious restrooms, toilets, and campsites. In order to hunt on any hunting lease, the minimum age of a person should be 17 and he or she must possess a valid hunting permit and a license. Moreover, hunters are allowed to bring their pets to the hunting leases but they must possess their recent vaccination slips. Moreover, any kind of motor vehicle is not allowed inside the premises of hunting leases. However, hunters who are physically challenged can shoot animals from their vehicles but the engine of the car must be switched off.  Hunters are allowed to camp on hunting leases but not more than 21 consecutive days in any 30-day period. There is a special map book which includes all the hunting locations with their addresses which help the hunters to find a good place to hunt. Additionally, activities that can be performed on hunting leases other than hunting are fishing, hiking, skiing, trapping, and horseback riding. Lastly, alcoholic drinks and drugs are not allowed on the hunting leases and should not be used for hunting.

Hunting Land Lease West Virginia:

In West Virginia, there are more than 2,000 private hunting lands that can only be used once they are leased. Deer is available in this part of the state in huge amount and it becomes a center of attention for the people who are fond of hunting. Hunting leases in this state are mostly covered with fences and gates which make them a secure place for hunters to perform their hunting activities. The hunters who are physically challenged are only allowed to bring the vehicles inside the hunting lands and can also hunt animals through their vehicles. Moreover, the weather of West Virginia is a humid year-round and it rains most of the time of the year. Hunters are required to have a weather update before visiting any hunting lease so that they can enjoy hunting animals. Other activities that can be performed besides hunting in West Virginia hunting leases include fishing, trapping, horseback riding, camping, and wildlife viewing. Lastly, every year more than 100,000 non-resident hunters visit this state to hunt Deer which plays an important role in boosting the economic conditions of this state.