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Pennsylvania Public Hunting Lands near Me:

Hunters who are fond of hunting visit this state to shoot Deer, Mountain Lion, Coyote, and other big games prefer to visit hunting lands of this state. Native hunters also prefer to hunt animals on hunting lands as they are crowd free and are full of facilities. Additionally, more than 70% people of this state contain a hunting license and visit the hunting lands every year during different hunting seasons to hunt big and small games. Almost 450,000 individuals purchase hunting license in this state every year which include the native hunters as well as the nonresidents. Moreover, there is a huge difference between the amount of hunting license for the native hunters and for the nonresidents. Those who want to become a resident of this state must spend consecutive 3 months in this state. Also, hunters can bring their pets on hunting lands but they must be leashed and hunters should possess their current vaccination slips. Also, there are designated areas on hunting lands where the physically challenged hunters can hunt their desired animals. Lastly, motor vehicles are not allowed inside the hunting land until unless you are physically disabled and the engine of motor vehicle must be switched off while hunting.

Pennsylvania Public Hunting Lands:                                                  

Pennsylvania public hunting lands are under the ownership of state. Hunters who want to hunt in this state can have prior booking of hunting cabins or can have on site registration depending upon the rules and regulations of the specific hunting lease. There is a special map book which include all the hunting locations with their addresses which help the hunters to find a good place to hunt. Additionally, hunters are allowed to bring their pets to the hunting lands but they must possess their recent vaccination slips. Moreover, any kind of motor vehicle is not allowed inside the premises of hunting lands. However, hunters who are physically challenged can shoot animals from their vehicles but the engine of the car must be switched off. Benefits that can be availed by most of the hunting lands in Pennsylvania include luxurious restrooms, toilets, and campsites. Hunters are allowed to camp on hunting lands but not more than 21 consecutive days in any 30-day period. Additionally, activities that can be performed on hunting lands other than hunting are fishing, hiking, skiing, trapping, and horseback riding. Lastly, alcoholic drinks and drugs are not allowed on the hunting lands and should not be used for hunting.

Best Hunting Lands in Pennsylvania:

Pennsylvania has a total area available for hunting public hunting lands at more than 2.1 million acres. This is almost 14.6% of the size of this whole state. The population of this state is very large and according to a fair estimate every person in this state can have 0.3 acres per person for hunting. This thing creates some serious issues for the professional hunters who visit this land for hunting their desired animals because they have huge encounters with large number of visitors on hunting lands. Moreover, weather of this state is always unpredictable. Hunters can face cold weather, warm winds, and rainy seasons at any time of the year. Hence, hunters should have weather updates before visiting any hunting lease. The animals that can be hunt in this state are Bobcat, Mountain Lion, Duck, Partridge and many others. Every year more than 50,000 hunters visit this state from different areas of U.S. and hunt their desired animals. Additionally, minimum age to hunt on this land is 17. However, the hunters who are underage can also hunt on this land but under the supervision of some adult. People who visit this state give first priority to the hunting lands on hunting lands.