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Indiana is a great place for hunting, no matter what the quality of one's expertise is. This state hosts a wide variety of animals to hunt such as deer, turkey, migratory birds, various furbearers, and small game. Accordingly, hunting within the State of Indiana generally requires a special hunting license to do so legally.

Any hunting in the state of Indiana requires an official Indiana hunting license, with a couple of exceptions, from the Indiana Department of Natural Resources. The qualifications to apply for a resident hunting license requires one to have a permanent residence in Indiana for 60 consecutive days prior to purchasing a license. As well, one cannot claim residency in another state or country for Indiana hunts, trapping, or fishing. Additionally, if one was born after December 31, 1986, they must complete a DNR-offered hunting education course before being able to purchase a license.

The exemptions for these hunting license requirements include the following: residents or nonresidents who are participating in a DNR-licensed field trial, resident owners of Indiana farmland, residents who are engaged in full-time military service, and any youth that is participating in a free youth hunting weekend.

Individuals who participate in deer hunting must have a specifically signed deer-hunting license. Also, depending on the particular part of the season, the individual may need additional licenses. The season runs from September to January with a specific free youth weekend occurring on September 28th and 29th.

It is illegal to hunt, trap, chase, or retrieve game on private property without the consent of the property owners. This is where the Indiana hunting leases serve as a great idea for owners and hunters. The private landowner lets hunters come onto their property, for a price, and hunt a specified number of game on their land. Since most individuals hunt on crowded public land, these Indiana hunting leases have become a popular option for finding great game opportunities.