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Flag Spring CA 4035 Acres for Duck Hunting in Barry, MO

Barry, 4035 Acres - Turkey, Exotics

The total area of this hunting property is 4,035 – acres. The species available on this land for hunting include, Pheasants, Waterfowl, and Geese. Hiking, horseback riding, boating, bicycling, wildlife viewing, and picnicking can also…
  • Acres
  • 4,035
  • County
  • Barry
  • Near
  • Washburn, Missouri
  • Game
  • Turkey, Exotics

Missouri Public Hunting Lands

Public Hunting Lands in Missouri State:

This state is well known for its large number of public hunting lands which is more than 2,500 lands. All these units are managed by Missouri Division of Forestry and Wildlife. Furthermore, Deer, turkey, and other great small and large game can be hunted here. The only thing required to hunt these animals is a valid hunting license and a valid hunting permit of specific private or public hunting land. Every year more than 2,000 nonresident hunters visit this state to hunt big animals and private land owners earn a lot from them.

Best Public Hunting Lands in Missouri:

Missouri has more than 2,000 public hunting lands that are well known for their great facilities and wide range of hunting animals. Hunters who are fond of hunting visit this state to shoot Deer, Mountain Lion, Coyote, and other big games prefer to visit hunting lands of this state. Native hunters also prefer to hunt animals on hunting lands as they full of facilities. Additionally, more than 70% people of this state contain a hunting license and visit the hunting lands every year during different hunting seasons to hunt big and small games. Almost 450,000 individuals purchase hunting license in this state every year which include the native hunters as well as the nonresidents. Moreover, there is a huge difference between the amount of hunting license for the native hunters and for the nonresidents. Those who want to become a resident of this state must spend consecutive 3 months in this state. Also, hunters can bring their pets on hunting lands but they must be leashed and hunters should possess their current vaccination slips.

Missouri Hunting:

In Missouri there are less public hunting lands so people move towards hunting lands to hunt their desired animals. The total area available for hunting in this state is 2,525,000 acres which is almost 5.7% of the whole area of this state. The weather of this state is cold throughout the year. Before going on a hunting trip hunters should have weather updates so that they are fully ready for camping and hunting on different hunting lands. Animals that can be hunt on this state are Badger, Bobcat, Ducks, Deer, and many other big and small games. Moreover, hunter can bring their dogs on hunting lands to hunt rabbits, hares, game birds (other than turkey), squirrel furbearing animals, and predatory animals on most units. Also, most of the hunting lands in Missouri are secured with gates and fences which makes them an ideal place for hunters to hunt. In order to hunt on any hunting lease the minimum person age is 17 & a valid permit and license are also compulsory. Also, hunters can find the location of any hunting lease through a hunting map book.