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Public Hunting Lands Oklahoma

Hunting Lands Oklahoma:

Oklahoma is one of the western states of U.S. which has more than 932,000 acres of land that is open for hunting. This is almost 2.1% of the total area of this state. This land provides a great opportunity for hunters to hunt White-tailed Deer, Waterfowl, Turkey, Hogs, and may others. Hunting lands in this state provide thrilling hunting exposures with a variety of hunting seasons throughout the year. The minimum age to hunt in Oklahoma is 16 and at this age no hunting license is required to hunt but there must be someone with the teenager while they are hunting. People with disabilities need to buy their special permit and license for hunting at any public or private land.

Oklahoma Hunting Lands:

Most of the hunting lands are under the possession of private owners in this state. Hence, almost every hunting land is protected with gates and fences which provide a secure environment for hunters to hunt. Private hunting lands provide great facilities to hunters which are mostly not available in the public hunting lands like restrooms, campsites, drinking water, and a crowd free place to hunt. In public lands visitors are allowed who come just to view wildlife and make the land overcrowded and disturb the hunters while hunting. However, in private lands you will not see such things. Oklahoma hunting leases are visited by the native hunters as well as the outsiders who are fond of hunting. Activities that can be performed in the hunting leases other than hunting are fishing, hiking, horseback riding, trapping, skiing, and wildlife viewing.

Public Hunting Lands in Oklahoma:

 In Oklahoma there are 650 public hunting lands where hunters can hunt their desired animals. Hunters must plan their hunting visits according to the weather updates. Additionally, most of the hunters visit hunting leases of this state just to hunt Deer and Hogs. Lastly, every year more than .5 million Deer hunting license are sold in this state which also help in enhancing the economic conditions of this state. Hunters can camp on different hunting lands but not more than 21 consecutive days and can also bring their pets with them and should also carry their latest vaccination report. Like other states, drugs are prohibited in hunting lands in this state. Hunters are not allowed to use drugs for hunting. Additionally, hunters are not allowed to bring their vehicles inside the hunting lands. In addition to, there more than 90% private hunting lands in Oklahoma and only 10% are owned by the state.