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The Wilderness Reserve

The Wilderness Reserve

Price $5000 - $15000
The wilderness is a vast 5,500 acre trophy hunting reserve located in both wisconsin and upper michigan.  With 5 lakes and 15 miles of high fence at its boundaries, you will find seclusion and the…
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Wisconsin Hunting Leases

Hunting Land for Lease in Wisconsin:

Wisconsin is one of the largest states in the U.S. It has more than 5.1 million acres of hunting land which provides great opportunities for hunters to hunt their desired animals which include white-tailed deer, turkey, waterfowl, feral hogs, squirrel, rabbits, mourning doves, bobwhite and many other species. There are many public hunting lands for sale in Wisconsin as well. All the hunters who want to hunt on public or private lands must possess a valid hunting license and a permit for hunting. Hunting permits can be taken by online registration or by on-site registration depending upon the rules and regulations of the hunting property. People who are physically challenged can also hunt on the hunting lands in their designated areas in most of the hunting lands. Public hunting lands in this state do not provide facilities like restrooms, campsites, washrooms, food corners etc. but they all are available in the private hunting lands. Most hunters in this state prefer to visit private hunting lands as visitors are not allowed in such places and hunters can hunt the desired animals in a secure and crowd-free environment. Moreover, hunters are allowed to bring their pets on hunting lands but they must be leashed. Like other states, Alabama also does not allow hunters to carry alcoholic drinks and drugs to the hunting lands. Most hunters prefer to hunt on hunting leases than on public hunting lands.

Wisconsin Hunting Leases:

In Wisconsin, almost 50,000 hunting licenses are sold every year to the hunters who want to hunt Deer and Turkey on this land. Despite the great hunting rate of Deer in this state in recent years the population of Deer has increased by 20%. There is no place in Wisconsin where you cannot find a hunting land easily. Almost every person who is above 18 possess a hunting license and visit hunting leases to hunt Deer and other animals. According to an estimate, more than 60,000 hunters visit this state for hunting from different areas of the United States which also helps in improving the economic conditions of this state. Hunters prefer hunting leases on public hunting lands because the public has no access to the private hunting lands until unless they do not buy hunting permits. So in hunting leases, hunters are given the best environment to hunt the desired animals. Additionally, more than $1.6 billion are earned every year by the hunting activities in this state out of which $0.5 billion is earned by selling the hunting equipment and $1.1 billion is earned by giving the lands on lease. Lastly, there are designated hunting areas in Wisconsin hunting leases for the people who are physically challenged.

Wisconsin Hunting Land for Lease Craigslist:

According to craigslist there are more than 1,000 hunting leases in Wisconsin and hundreds of thousands of acres under management where hunters can hunt Deer, Bear, Waterfowl, and many other big and small games. Hunters always prefer private hunting lands in this state so that they do not encounter with the public while hunting and their hunting activities do not get disturbed. Most of the hunters visit this state just to hunt Deer and collect the Deer antlers. Facilities that are available on hunting leases for hunters include luxurious restrooms, campgrounds, toilets, tuck shops, and fresh drinking water. The minimum age to hunt in Wisconsin is 17. People who are underage do not require a hunting license to hunt but there must be some adult with them. Moreover, people with disabilities can also hunt on hunting leases in Wisconsin in their designated areas. As this state is overcrowded with the people so it is difficult to hunt in this state as compared to the other states. Lastly, other activities that can be performed on these lands other than hunting are fishing, trapping, horseback riding, skiing, and wildlife viewing.