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This 34,000 - acre hunting property is located in Hanksville County in Utah. This land is owned and managed by the Utah Fish & Wildlife Department. This WMA contains a unique variety of wildlife habitats…
Whitetail Deer, Mule Deer, Predator, Exotics

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Utah Public Hunting Lands

Hunting Lands in Utah near Me:

There are more than 34.7 million acres of hunting land in Utah which provide diverse opportunities for the people who are fond of hunting. Every year more than 150,000 licensed hunters visit the hunting lands in this state. The hunting lands available here include public hunting lands, private hunting lands, and hunting ranches.  There is a vast variety of animals for hunting in this state ranges from native creatures to exotics. The famous animals available for hunting include White-tailed Deer, Mule Deer, Pronghorn, Javelina, and various predators.

Utah Hunting:

Hunters can bring their dogs on hunting lands to hunt chase rabbits, hares, game birds (other than turkey), squirrels, and predatory animals on most units. Additionally, weather conditions of Utah indicate that this region is varied enough so that the hunters should schedule their hunting trips according to the weather updates. Moreover, most of the hunting lands in Utah are secured with gates and fences which makes them an ideal place for hunters to hunt. There are less public hunting lands in Utah than other states and most of the lands are under the possession of private owners that are given on lease.

Utah Public Hunting Lands:

In Utah public hunting lands are those which are under the possession of Utah Division of Wildlife or are leased from various corporations and agencies. As most of the professional hunters prefer to hunt on private hunting lands so they do not face crowd while hunting. In order to hunt on any hunting land the minimum person age is 17 & a valid permit and license are also compulsory. Hunters can find the location of any hunting land through a hunting map book.

Utah Hunting Regulations:

Some lands need prior registration for hunting that can be done online and some require on-site registration. Hunting from vehicle is not allowed in hunting Lands. The use of motor vehicles is only allowed for the people with disabilities. Moreover, hunters can bring their pets on hunting lands but they must possess a slip of their recent vaccination. There are designated areas for camping on hunting Lands and camping for more than 21 consecutive days in any 30-day period is prohibited. Luxurious restrooms are also available for hunters to stay. Additionally, hunters are not allowed to bring any kind of alcoholic drinks and drugs on hunting Lands.  Lastly, activities that can be done on these lands other than hunting include fishing, trapping, hiking, skiing and horseback riding.