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Lost Creek Wilderness 119,790 acres Elk Hunting in northeastern Park, CO

northeastern Park, 119790 Acres - Elk, Mule Deer, Turkey, Dove, Quail, Duck, Predator, Exotics

This 119,790 – acres hunting tract is mostly covered with wetland, forest, grassland, and brushy upland. The animals which are available for hunting are Dear, Coyotes, Bear, Snakes, Turkey, Dove, Waterfowl, Rabbit, Squirrel, and Quail.…
  • Acres
  • 119,790
  • County
  • northeastern Park
  • Near
  • Bailey, Colorado
  • Game
  • Elk, Mule Deer, Turkey, Dove, Quail, Duck, Predator, Exotics
Roan Plateau - JQS Creek Cross 2,460 acres elk hunting land in Silt, CO

Silt, 0 Acres - Elk, Exotics

The total area of this hunting property is 2,460 – acres and is situated in Silt County in Colorado. Surface of this hunting property is covered with wetland, forests, and grassland. Activities that can be…
  • Acres
  • County
  • Silt
  • Near
  • Silt, Colorado
  • Game
  • Elk, Exotics

Public Hunting Lands Colorado

Public Hunting Lands near Me in Colorado:

Generally hunters visit public hunting lands in Colorado to hunt Deer and Elk but there are also many species that can be hunt in this state including Bear, Moose, Bighorn sheep, Mountain goat among others. If we talk about the weather conditions of this state then the temperature is mostly moderate in this state in the early fall. This makes Colorado an ideal place for the hunters to hunt their desired animals at any time of the year. As there are more hunting leases in Colorado than public hunting lands so most of the hunting lands in this state are surrounded with fences and gates that provide a secure environment for hunters while hunting. Professional hunters also prefer hunting leases upon public hunting lands hunting.

Colorado Hunting:

Colorado retains almost 23.3 million acres of hunting lands out of which only 480,000 acres are covered with public hunting lands and the rest of the area is covered with Private hunting lands. Almost 35.5% area of this state is covered with hunting lands that are open for hunting. The population of this state is very large so that only 4.7 acres are available per person for hunting on this land.

Best Hunting Lands in Colorado:

Hunting lands in Colorado provide great facilities for hunters including well-furnished restrooms, toilets, fresh drinking water, security, tuck shops, and camp grounds. Moreover, minimum age for hunting in Colorado is 16 and no license is required for the hunters at this age. However, an adult should be watching them continuously while they are hunting animals. Also, hunters can camp on hunting leases in Colorado but not more than 21 consecutive days. Lastly, every year more than 300,000 hunters visit this state to hunt Big and Small games which help in improving the economic condition of this state and also built an interest in people for hunting animals which is considered to be a great outdoor activity in United States.

Colorado State Public Hunting Lands:

In Colorado Public Hunting Lands are those which are under the management of state. There are special areas in hunting lands for the people who are physically disabled so that they can hunt their desired animals easily. Moreover, hunters are allowed to bring their pets on hunting leases in Colorado but they must be leashed and recent vaccination slips of pets must be kept with the hunter. Dogs can also be brought on the hunting leases but should not be used for hunting Deer and Elk. However, dogs can be used to find out the wounded deer and elk. Additionally, alcoholic drinks and drugs are prohibited on hunting lands.