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This habitat is suitable for sage grouse and shrub steppe habitat occurs substantially on this unit, imparting habitat for sharp-tailed grouse, mule deer, white-tailed deer and different wildlife. The southern component of the unit includes…
Mule Deer, Dove, Quail, Exotics

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Washington Public Hunting Lands

Washington State Public Hunting Lands:

Washington is one of the largest states and the total area that is open for hunting is 13.4 million acres. This is almost 31.7% of the whole area of this state. There are 74% hunting leases in this state and 26% public hunting lands. Native and nonresident hunters can hunt wild turkey, deer, waterfowl/migratory birds, and many other big and small game animals on this land. The temperature of this state is very warm in summer and cloudy and rainy in winter. Hunters should have a weather update before visiting any hunting lease so that they can hunt their desired animals easily. Public lands of this state are managed by Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. There are special rules and regulations for every hunting land on this state which must be followed by every hunter and disobeying them lead to the license cancellation of hunters. Poisons, chemicals, and tranquilizing drugs are prohibited on hunting lands.

Best Hunting Lands in Washington:

Public Hunting Lands in Washington provide great facilities for hunters including well-furnished restrooms, toilets, fresh drinking water, security, tuck shops, and camp grounds.There are more than 2,000 public hunting lands in this state which provide great opportunities for hunters. Moreover, minimum age for hunting in Washington is 18 and no license is required for the hunters at this age. However, an adult should be watching them continuously while they are hunting animals. This state is very large and there are hundreds of acres per hunter to hunt in this state. There are special areas in public hunting lands for the people who are physically disabled so that they can hunt their desired animals easily. Moreover, hunters are allowed to bring their pets on hunting lands in Washington but they must be leashed and recent vaccination slips of pets must be kept with the hunter.

 Hunting Lands near Me in Washington:

In Washington almost every citizen has a public hunting land near their homes and all the people who are above 18 have hunting licenses .Hunters who visit hunting lands are not allowed to bring their motor vehicles inside the hunting land however hunting can be done on bike. Also, hunters can use dogs to hunt animals on this state but not for Muskrat, Turkey, Mink, Deer River Otter, and Beaver. Additionally, hunters must wear their orange while hunting so that they can be identified. Dogs can also be brought on the hunting lands eases but should not be used for hunting Deer and Elk. However, dogs can be used to find out the wounded deer and elk. Additionally, alcoholic drinks and drugs are prohibited on hunting lands. Also, hunters can camp on hunting leases in Washington but not more than 21 consecutive days. Lastly, every year more than 5,000 hunters visit this state to hunt Big and Small games which help in improving the economic condition of this state and also built an interest in people for hunting animals which is considered to be a great outdoor activity in United States.