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Michigan is a great place to hunt for those who are experienced and beginners alike. The land is filled with beautiful forests, lakes, rivers, and fields that are perfect for locating wild game. The best types of Michigan hunts available are big game such as white-tailed deer, elk, black bear, and wild turkey. Additionally, waterfowl, fox, and upland game birds are quite common too. Even with the immense variety of game, a Michigan hunting license is a requirement to all of those who wish to hunt.

A Michigan hunting license is now required for all residents and nonresidents who wish to hunt within the state of Michigan. This particular base license allows hunters to hunt small game as well as purchase any additional necessary licenses.

Special Note: For those Michigan residents who are veterans on 100-percent disability, or those who are on active-duty, registration and license fees are waived for any hunting or fishing license.

Due to the large amount of wild game existing in Michigan there are several rules and regulations one must follow, such as only hunting what is specified on one's hunting license. The seasons are what individuals need to keep a close eye out for, as going any one-day out of season will cause a hefty fine.

While there is plenty of public hunting land to obtain Michigan hunts (such as state parks and recreational areas), you must pay close attention. Since most of the hunting land is privately owned, getting permission from a landowner with a hunting lease is often your best course of action for finding wild game.

While Michigan provides a great mass of land for hunting leases, 80% of Michigan's hunting land is privately owned, therefore, obtaining access to a Michigan hunting lease may be a hunter’s only option for procuring a great amount of game. Between the large mixture of forests, wetlands, and field openings, Michigan hunting leases are a great plan when trying to hunt deer, turkey, bear, and waterfowl.