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Deer Creek Ranch

Deer Creek Ranch

Price $1000 - $5000
Beautiful hill country hunting! I have been managing this ranch to produce quality whitetail deer for 10 years now and am finally ready to bring on hunters! We have lodging available with different packages to…
  • Acres
  • 800
  • Zip
  • 76842
  • County
  • San Saba
  • Type
  • Short Term
  • Game
  • Whitetail Deer, Turkey, Hog

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Texas Hunting Leases

The state of Texas is known for its vast array of hunting terrain, species, and landscapes. Whether you’re deer hunting in the hill country, dove hunting in a patch of sunflowers, or stalking a turkey in the East Texas pine-covered woods, the Lone Star State has the perfect hunting opportunity for you. The state draws the attention of a large number of hunters each year thanks to the trophy bucks and large populations of waterfowl, dove, and turkey that can be targeted. Leasing a property in Texas will raise the bar for any hunter looking for some epic opportunities. Browse our hunting leases to find the property that suits your needs best. Texas public hunting lands and hunting properties for sale.


Texas Hunting Land for Lease by Owner:

In Texas more than 98% of the hunting lands are owned by private owners and can only be used with their permission. You may get lucky and know someone, or befriend someone who lets you hunt their property for free, but more than likely you will need to pay for a lease to gain access to these lands. The reason behind this is that hunting leases can provide a steady supplemental income to the owners which make them able to pay their property taxes and other expenses. Another perk is they are able to have the hunters largely take care of the property and manage the species to improve the hunting. Unless the owners hunt themselves or use the property for something, they will likely lease it to you if they don’t already have it leased. Luckily for landowners, there is not shortage of hunters to let lease their land. Texas is one state that is likely the center of attention for a huge amount of hunters, many of which visit it every year for hunting large and small animals. There are more than 1.3 million licensed hunters in Texas who welcome a great opportunity to hunt big games like White-tailed Deer, Mule Deer, Javelina, and Alligators throughout the year. Most of the hunting leases provide leverage to the hunters to bring their dogs for hunting rabbits, hares, squirrel fur bearing animals, predators, and game birds (other than turkey). According to some fair stats every year $3.4 billion are contributed to the wealth of this state with the help of hunting activities out of which $1.4 billion comes out by selling the hunting equipment and the rest $2 billion is earned by giving the lands on lease. This plays a great role in improving the economic conditions of this state. Do your part by signing your very own Texas hunting lease. 


South Texas Hunting Leases:

South Texas is recognized for its huge number of hunting leases and according to a fair estimate there are more than 1 million acres of hunting leases in this region. The animals that are in huge amounts in this part of the state are Whitetail, Mule Deer, Turkey, and Quail. There is a special map book which includes all the hunting locations of South Texas with their addresses which help the hunters to find a good place to hunt. Hunters can have prior booking of hunting lease or can have on site registration depending upon the rules and regulations of the specific hunting lease. Benefits that can be availed by most of the hunting leases in South Texas include luxurious restrooms, toilets, and campsites. Also, any kind of motor vehicle is not allowed inside the premises of hunting leases. However, the hunters who are physically challenged can shoot animals from their vehicles but the engine of the car must be switched off.  In this part of state hunters are allowed to camp on hunting leases but not more than 21 consecutive days in any 30-day period. Additionally, alcoholic drinks and drugs are not allowed on the hunting leases and should not be used for hunting. Lastly, activities that can be performed on hunting leases other than hunting are fishing, hiking, skiing, trapping, and horseback riding.


East Texas Hunting Leases:

In East Texas the livelihood depends upon the lease of hunting lands. More than 90% of this land is covered with hunting leases through which people earn a lot and pay their taxes and run their homes. While many of the leases in East Texas are private, that only means the government doesn’t own them.  Similar to what you find across the rest of the Southeast United States, much of the land is owned by large timber companies.  Timber companies have a long turnover time between when they can clear cut, and are heavily managed by biologists and the government, so their properties are well kept and off great hunting opportunities. The animal that is available in huge amounts in the region is Deer. Every year more than 100,000 non-resident hunters visit East Texas to hunt White-tailed Deer.  The hunting ratio of Deer is very high still the reproduction of this species has increased by 23% in past years in this state. For the last 80 years people are giving their lands on leasing where resident and non-resident hunters can come and can hunt their desired animals. Hunting leases in East Texas are mostly protected with gates and fences which make them a great place for hunters to hunt in a secured environment.  Lastly, hunters must schedule their hunting plans according to the weather conditions of this state as most times of the year it is raining in this region. Hunters in this area also take advantage of mild climates, making it one of the few places in the country where you can target huge trophy deer without bearing freezing weather. 


North Texas Hunting Leases:

If you’re looking for a hunting lease in North Texas you probably live in Dallas or have at least flown through their airport. This is where a vast majority of the population of the North lives as it becomes majorly rural outside of that metropolitan area. All of this rural space helps to promote the ability to hunt, which is a major activity of the locals. Typically when referring to North Texas people are talking about the central region between the Dallas metropolitan area and Oklahoma but in reference to leases it can mean the entire northern portion. The Northern portion of the state transitions from forests to plains as you travel from East to West allowing a wide range of species and habitats to hunt. Similar to the rest of the state there are ample opportunities to find a lease in this area of the state, no matter if you want to find a deer hunting lease, a duck hunting lease, a dove hunting lease, or a property where you can target an abundance of species. 


West Texas Hunting Leases:

As you move to West Texas the state becomes drier, and unfortunately the hunting doesn’t seem to be as good. Some areas closer to New Mexico can even reach desert status when it pertains to rainfall and landscape. This isn’t always a bad thing though, depending on your goals this can open up a lot of leasing opportunities at a discounted rate compared to some of the better managed easterly properties. Even these discounted properties are still in Texas though so be ready for some amazing hunts. The area is still home to a healthy population of Whitetails but thinks to the canyons and increase in elevation that takes place, the mule deer and javelina hunting becomes better. It’s also the only area of the state to find Merriam's Wild Turkeys since the rest of the state holds the Rio Grande subspecies. 


Central Texas Hunting Leases:

Texas is huge. Most states only require breaking into 2 sections, such as North and South, or East and West.  Texas does well to break into 5 areas with Central Texas being the last one.  Hunting leases in Central Texas are like gold mines for hunters, with trophy deer around every corner as well as many other species. This area is popular to find managed ranches where you can hunt for a weekend, which means the private leases in the area benefit from the strict management of the neighboring ranches. Be sure to make friends with the neighboring ranches as you can all help each other, and you don’t want to see high fences getting put up next door.