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78 acre Hunitng Lease

78 acre Hunitng Lease

Price $1000 - $5000
This 78-acre lease in Sanilac County, MI is a mix of open fields, brushy fields, and mature timber providing excellent diversity and a great layout to hunt big Michigan bucks and turkeys. Maximum of 3…
  • Acres
  • 78
  • Zip
  • 48466
  • County
  • Sanilac
  • Type
  • Annual
  • Game
  • Whitetail Deer, Turkey

Michigan Hunting Leases

Hunting Land for Lease in Michigan:

There are more than 12.4 million acres of hunting leases in Michigan which cover more than 20% of the whole area of this state.  This state provides a great opportunity for hunters to hunt animals which include whitetail deer, bear, elk, rabbits, waterfowl, and much more. Michigan public hunting land and properties for sale. There is a huge Deer population in this region and more than 20,000 hunters visit Michigan from different states every year just to hunt deer. This also helps in improving the economic conditions of this state. Another importance of this state is that the hunters can experience every season for hunting on this land. The temperature of this land is always moderate which allows the hunters to hunt at any time of the year on hunting leases. Facilities that are available on hunting leases in this state are hunting areas, snowmobile trails, campgrounds, restrooms, food corners, toilets, hiking trails, and wetlands waterway access. Moreover, most areas of hunting leases in Michigan are covered with wildlife areas, roaring rivers, and crystal clear lakes. As most area of this state is covered with water so in fishing can also be done and the fish available include Muskie, Pike, Salmon, Walleye, Pan-fish and Trout.

Hunting Land for Lease in Michigan by Owner:

Most of the hunting lands in Michigan are owned by private owners and they lease these lands to hunters and earn a lot from it. The total land area that comes under the hunting leases is almost 9,920,000 acres that provides great opportunities for hunters who visit these lands. Every year more than 100,000 resident and non-resident hunters visit hunting leases in this state and hunt their desired animals. The specie that is in huge amount in this state is Deer. Hunters come from different regions of United States to hunt Deer in state. Facilities that are available on private hunting lands include Luxurious restrooms, campsites, toilets, freshwater, and campgrounds. The rules for hunting in this state are very strict and must be followed by every person while performing hunting activities. Even when the land owners and their relatives are hunting on hunting leases they must wear their orange so that they look prominent. Also, this state is surrounded with water so most of the hunting leases contain water in their most area. This also creates opportunities for anglers for fishing and the fish available include Salmon, Walleye, Muskie, and Pike.

Hunting Property for Lease in Michigan:

Hunting leases in Michigan are under the possession of private owners. More than 360,000 acres of Michigan land is dedicated to the scientific wildlife species management, public use, and habitat management. Almost 80% of hunting lands in Michigan are privately owned and can only be used by leasing. People who visit these lands can hunt many large animals and birds and the other activities that can be performed on these lands are hiking, trapping, horseback riding, fishing, and skiing. The benefit of hunting lease is that there is no crowd of people and only hunters are there for hunting. There is a specific area on most of hunting leases in Michigan where there is a designated area for hunters with disabilities. Hunters are not allowed to bring their motor vehicles inside the hunting leases and are also not allowed to hunt from car. Additionally, more than 40% of this state that is Upper Peninsula and 30% of the Northern Lower Peninsula are covered with hunting leases. Additionally, in South Peninsula almost 3% of the land is consisting of hunting leases. Almost 750,000 individuals purchase hunting license in this state every year. Lastly, as compared to other states Michigan is the one in which almost every resident has hunting lease near to their residence.