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West Virginia Public Hunting Lands

Hunting Lands near Me in West Virginia:

West Virginia is always considered to be the center of attention to the hunters because of its huge hunting lands size that is 1.4 million acres. It is almost 9.6% of the whole area of this state. On the other hand this state is densely populated and according to the statistics only 0.8 acre is available for 1 hunter. The total population of this state is 1.8 million so we can understand that hunting is available to all. 

West Virginia Public Hunting Lands:

In West Virginia there are more than 100 exclusive lands and hundreds of thousands of acres under management where hunters can hunt Deer, Bear, Waterfowl, Turkey and many other big and small game animals. Hunters always prefer private hunting lands in this state so that they do not encounter with public while hunting and their hunting activities do not get disturbed. Most of the hunters visit this state just to hunt Deer and collect the Deer antlers. Facilities that are available on hunting leases for hunters include luxurious restrooms, camp grounds, toilets, and fresh drinking water.

Craigslist Hunting Lands in West Virginia:

There are more than 300 public hunting lands in West Virginia according to Craigslist were hunters can hunt their desired animals. Also, the minimum age to hunt in West Virginia is 17. People who are underage do not require a hunting license to hunt but there must be some adult with them. Moreover, people with disabilities can also hunt on hunting leases in West Virginia in their designated areas. As this state is over crowded with the people so it if difficult to hunt in this state as compared to the other states. Lastly, other activities that can be performed on these lands other than hunting are fishing, trapping, horseback riding, skiing, and wildlife viewing.

West Virginia Hunting Lands:

There are less public hunting lands in this state and people have to make a deep research for finding a good public hunting land to hunt their desired animals. The animals that are available for hunting in this state are Deer, Bear, Rabbit, elk, antelope, bighorn sheep, and many others. Additionally, weather conditions of this state represent that the weather is cold throughout the year so the hunters should decide about their hunting trips according to the weather updates.